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We create memorable digital content to establish your online presence for years to come.

Logo of past clients
Logo of past client
Logo of past clients
Logo of past client
Logo of past client
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We empower startups and established brands to stand out and grow in their industries. We are passionate creators, designers, consultants, and strategists. In our process, we take the time to get to know you and your company better. Only with a deep understanding of your brand can we develop a successful digital strategy. Our clients are ambitious companies that want to share their stories in the digital world and communicate with their customers effectively.

A growth agency built around quality and excellence

All-In-One Solution

We free our clients from hiring multiple agencies and third-party software. We provide all digital solutions for their projects in one place.

Open Communication

The work we do is based on open dialogue with our clients. Taking the time to truly understand is what smart listening is all about.

Constantly improving

We are constantly looking at the latest trends, brand strategies and technologies in order to stay at the top for our clients.

We love what we do

Every project is developed with care and great attention to detail, just as if it were our own. We carefully select projects we know we can support by giving 100% of our skill and passion to the benefit of our clients.

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Negotiated Resolutions
Branding / Web Design & Development
Mor Ledger
Logo Design / Web Design & Development

Logo Design / Web Design & Development

What our clients say

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When we first came across Exelevate we were looking for a specific logo and website that was able to accomplish our vision and we got just that. Since receiving the final products we have got nothing but positive feedback. The services were exceptional as well as the communication throughout the process which made everything go a lot smoother than other companies we have worked with. I would recommend Exelevate to anyone who is looking for something that they want with the addition of market expertise.

Anthony Harlan

Founder, Mor Ledger
Testimonial Image

We are delighted with both the product and service provided by Exelevate. Our website is modern, easy for our customers to navigate, and smooth running. Exelevate listened to us and came up with a logo and web design that encaptures everything about our business. Their attention to detail and customer service are very impressive and we cannot recommend them enough. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Exelevate.

Kirsteen Kinnell

Sales & Marketing, Negotiated Resolutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we get from previous clients.

What makes you different from other marketing agencies?

At Exelevate, we focus on services we can deliver expertly. Instead of giving false promises, we have concentrated on improving our existing line of services. We deliver a bespoke experience to each of our clients by placing the target users and their individual needs at the centre of our digital efforts from day one. As a result, we function as true experts in our industry and provide solutions that genuinely fit your specific needs.

How long does it take to develop a project?

The duration depends on the scope of the project and cannot be generalized. A minimal 3-5 page website, for example, can be launched within 2 weeks (design & development). However, developing a complex project can also take several weeks or months. We rely on agile processes for all projects. This way, we can present the current progress in stages, and react to adjustments with flexibility.

How much should I expect to pay for a website?

When you first contact us, we will try to understand your project, its needs, and key points, so that we can determine factors that will affect the final price. If you just need a landing page, for example, it can cost between £600 and £900. Alternatively, a site with a dozen pages to be designed and developed, a Content Management System, and an implementation of animations may increase the cost because of its higher complexity.

Do you also take care of our project after completion?

We know that a static product will not stand the test of time. That is why we are happy to support you with advice and action even after the completion of the project. We understand that the long-term success of your project depends on good support and continuous digital marketing. Whether it's subsequent adjustments, the development of completely new projects, or the expansion of your current project, we are ready to support you along the way.

Do you offer special conditions for NGOs?

Non-profit projects are important to us. We can support you with reduced rates or even a free implementation of certain project phases depending on the current workload.

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Glasgow, Scotland
November 21, 2021
Logo of past clients

Establishing an effective online presence

Web design & development
Graphic Design
Social Media Ads

Negotiated Resolutions exists to transfer the skills of hostage negotiation to the high-pressure environment of business.

We provided meaningful logo assets and a website designed to reflect their unique message. We also significantly increased their brand awareness across the LinkedIn space. Learn more by clicking on their website link above.

Medellin, Colombia
September 2022
Logo of past client

Creating a meaningful logo for a non-profit

Web design & development
Logo Design

Mor Ledger is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that has diligent holistic ministries worldwide.

We were tasked with the challenge of designing a logo that aligned with the Mor Ledger mission. The result is a logo carefully arranged to support the message of the non-profit. Visit their website to learn more about the significance of their logo.

Inveness, Scotland
September 2022
Logo of past clients

Branding and web development for an emerging musician

Logo Design
Web design & development

We designed a modern logo prepared for an effective online presence while also remaining faithful to the Scottish roots that are expressed in the music of this genre-breaking musician.

Inverness, Scotland
September 2022
Logo of past clients

Branding for an emerging musician

Logo Design

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